Use your favorite email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, to check your email. Then, using IMAP, you can access your email from any computer or mobile device and see a completely up-to-date version of your mailbox.


Our Webmail client is modern, fast and elegant. It comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a desktop email app.

100GB Mailboxes

Never run out of space again with our massive 100GB mailboxes for each of your users. That’s 4 times more than Google Apps and 10 times more than most of our competitors.

Sync with your mobile device

Sync personal or shared calendars, contacts, tasks and notes with your mobile device. Over 1000 devices are supported, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Sync functionality is also available for email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Industry leading Spam and Virus Protection

Our spam and virus filtering technology is used by small businesses to large corporates. Gain full control over your spam and virus settings and use whitelists and blacklists to allow or block emails, IPs or entire domains.

Online Storage with FTP Access

Upload files to your storage pool (up to 100GB per mailbox) for easy use while on the road. You can also connect to your storage folder using FTP for desktop convenience. Easily attach files to emails from your online storage.

Unlimited Domains, Aliases, Forwarders and More

Add as many domains, aliases and forwarders as your business needs. Our domain manager also comes with full DNS hosting support for no additional charge. We also support catch-all aliases and multiple email identities.

Mailbox Consolidation

Consolidating all of your email accounts in to your Cloud Mail mailbox can be a huge time saver. Cloud Mail lets you bring all of your email in to your one account and then respond to emails as if you were using the originating email address.

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