Small Business

Small businesses can take their email hosting, security and continuity to the next level with Cloud Mail’s broad range of email services. Cloud Mail can help small businesses in the following ways:

Email Hosting

Simple and easy to configure, our email hosting service will let you use your own domain name (or multiple domains) and create email addresses for your employees. We also offer a simple domain registration service that will let you use email addresses such as Mailbox pricing starts at just $2.50 per mailbox per month with a minimum $10 per month charge (just so we can provide you with phone and email support).

Add on Email Archiving

No matter what type of business you run, it’s a good idea to back up and index your email. However, some businesses are required to, especially businesses that deal with confidential information, such as healthcare and financial organizations might be subject to strict regulatory conditions.

Adding on email archiving gives you quick access to your entire businesses history of email, making both your emails and their attachments searchable within seconds.

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