Blackberry POP3 Setup

BlackBerry setups can vary depending on your phones particular model and your service provider/carrier. You may need to contact your wireless service provider if you’re unable to complete the setup as instructed. To setup your Blackberry for POP complete the following steps:

On your Blackberry phone select the Email Settings icon or select Email Settings on your PC through your carriers Blackberry Internet Service website.

Select ‘Setup Account’ (Add an existing email account)

Enter your email address and click next.

Select “I will provide the settings to this email account” and click next

Enter in your username (Same username you use to log into, enter your password, for the email server type in “” and finally enter in your email address in the appropriate section and click next.

This setup takes approx. 20 minutes to fully propagate at which point you will start receiving emails. The outgoing server will default to that of your service provider. If you’re prompted for port numbers or detailed settings you can find them below:

Incoming mail server: Port 110
Outgoing mail server: Port 2500 (use only if you are unable to use your carriers outbound server)

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