iPhone POP Setup Guide

From the iPhone home screen select Settings

Select Mail,Contacts Calendar

Select Add Account

Select Other

Select Add Mail Account

Fill in the New Account information using Imap.Fusemail.net as the incoming mail server and Smtp.Fusemail.net as the outgoing server. To double check your username and password you can log onto Webmail via Login.Fusemail.com but in most cases the username will be your full email address. The description can be anything you’l like. Once you’re done click Next

Select POP on the top of your screen. Fill out the incoming server as Pop.Fusemail.net and outgoing server as Smtp.Fusemail.net along with your username (usually your email address, confirm by logging onto webmail through login.Fusemail.com) The description can be anything you like and enter your Name as you would like it to appear to the recipient and then press Save.


From the iPhone home screen select Settings > Mail,Contacts Calendar and select the account that you just setup

Select the SMTP server and on the following screen select the primary SMTP server again


Ensure that all of your settings match the screenshot depicted below. SSL should be off, Authentication should be set to Password and the Server Port is 2500. Once done select Done.

Back from the Account Settings screen select Advanced

Set when you would like messages that you delete to be purged. Set SSL off, set authentication to password and specify if and how often you’d like to remove messages downloaded to the device off of the server(using POP you can download emails and leave a copy on the server, download and delete off of the server or download and delete off of the server at a later time). The server port should be set to 110, select Done. Your mailbox is setup.

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